Best-Kept Weight Loss Secrets-Do You believe This

My mother always used to say there were no weight loss secrets. "It's simple! You just put less in your mouth and get off your fat backside a bit more often!" She always did have a way with words, my Mom. But she was only partly right because, some overweight folks I know are very active and are extremely careful with what they eat, yet they still seem to carry the extra pounds despite it all. Then there are those twigs of society who can't put on an ounce no matter what they eat. My sister's a bit like that. Honestly, I've seem more fat on a cold chip.

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Because of the way modern society portrays who we are and how we should look, there's an awful lot of pressure on individuals to buy into the slimming game. The problem with this, is that even skeletal people think they're fat, and for them to loose extra pounds in darn right dangerous in some cases. It wasn't so many years ago, that shop mannequins had a bit of meat on their plastic but even these are a flat as a carpenter's board these days.

But all this aside there are growing problems in western societies, not only with overweight adults, but we're seeing a lot of heavy kids around nowadays, and this is really not good. But it all starts with the adults, in particular Mum & Dad. The kids tend to feast on the same stuff as their parents do, so it's little wonder we're facing a major crisis with child obesity. So what are the weight loss secrets that we all yearn for? Perhaps my mother was right and we are becoming a donut munching generations of couch potatoes!

There are always new claims to weight loss secrets, but a true secret is about as probable as a cure for male pattern baldness. If there was a cure-for-all with regards to hair loss, then we'd never see another bald head in our lives (unless through choice of course!). Same goes for weight loss secrets. These can better be described as weight loss plans and there are many of them around, some better than others.

Many folks are so desperate to shed those pounds that they go to extremes. Weight loss pill, lipo suction, having the stomach stitched etc, but these really are last resort measures and all possible alternatives for weight loss should be checked out first, as some of the above mentioned can be potentially dangerous.

The secret to successful weight loss lies with you. Or my mother! Which is not really a secret at all. Despite all the fancy diets and eating plans, there is only one tried and tested method that has never really gone away, and that is to eat smaller portions, and get plenty of regular exercise. Of course, eat healthily too. If you cut down to say having 2 double cheeseburgers and large fries instead of your usual 3, well, it's not really going to help much is it. Additionally, if you embark on a new and healthy eating plan and regular exercise regime in the spring time, but decide to slump back into the couch and return your old eating habits during those winter months, then you may find you will put on more weight than you've ever had before.

Weight loss is just a beginning, but weight maintenance is the solution for a new and slimmer you. Not only will you feel great but you'll look good too. If you're one of those folks who just can't seem to get real slender, then perhaps you're supposed to be a little on the large size. We are all different shapes, weights, and heights, and if someone carries a little extra meat on their bones, but are fit and active regardless, then perhaps the secret for happiness is to simply lose what you can, accept what you can't, and know the difference.

Forget a lifetime of chasing the next weight loss secret and trying to look like string bean. Just concentrate on being you and enjoy who you are. A healthy mind is a healthy body and when you have both, you become naturally active (which is part of being human), and active people are happy people.

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