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The use of herbs as medicine, for various medical ailments, dates back to the Aryan period. The practice of using herbs to cure and treat diseases is known as "Ayurveda", or "holistic treatment" or "naturopathy". The Ayurvedic method of treatment is primarily considered an Indian treatment, but was later taken up by the other countries, based on its results and effectiveness. Various herbs can be used to treat obesity depending on the physical constitution and food habits of an individual.

The various herbs used to treat obesity can be found in various regions, according to the climate and weather conditions suitable for their growth. Sometimes they are even imported from other countries, depending on the success rate of a particular herb for helping people in losing weight.

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One of the most important factors of fast weight loss is considered to be the internal cleansing or detoxification of the body, which includes cleaning the body of the junk food and their harmful effects. Some of these herbs help in cleansing the body keeping it free from excessive hunger, and thus help with avoiding the intake of junk food. Also, these herbs help in maintaining the nutrition balance and energy levels while undergoing weight loss therapy. These herbs also help individuals to reduce their tendency of consuming high calorie food, and experience a sense of "fullness" for three hours after regular meals. They have become so popular among people suffering from obesity, due to the fact that they do not have harmful side effects that many chemical pills can have.

These herbs can be taken prior to or after meals, mixed with water and other liquids such as tea or milk. The amount and number of times that the herbs need to be used may vary, from person to person and with children to adults. A list of the most popular and successful herbs used for treating obesity can be found in various Web sites dealing with herbal treatment for obesity. Some of the most popular herbs used in America for a fast weight loss include Banaba Leaf, Psyllium and Garcinia camboqia.

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