Fast Weight Loss Doesn't Last

Many of us are so frustrated with trying to lose weight, we resort to trying one of the fast weight loss solutions we see on late night TV, or on the Internet. And yes, most of these can work, but there are trade offs.

In general, when you try to lose weight fast with a crash diet, you will most likely lose a bit of weight. It's not uncommon to lose 10 pounds in a week or less. That weight loss is reflected on your scale, and in a looser fit to your clothes.

The problem though, is that the weight loss isn't good for you. And to make matters worse... it's usually not permanent.

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Most fast weight loss diets or programs involve starving yourself. Sometimes you're instructed to eat nothing, and sometimes you're told to only eat one or two specific things like celery and carrots. Often you're told to drink water frequently too.

Some crash diets actually tell you not to eat anything though... and simply drink specific things. Some of these involve drinking specially made - and marketed - juice drinks. Others may give you recipes to make your own juices.

And I'll say this again: These crash diets do make you lose weight really fast. But they come at a price. The first problem you'll discover is you have very little - if any - energy. Sometimes you'll find yourself actually getting sick on crash diets like these. And the juice based crash diets - sometimes referred to as a "fast", "cleansing" or "detox" diet - will make you go to the bathroom a lot.

No, not to pee. You will actually find yourself with diarrhea... stomach cramps and all. In fact you'll probably just stake out the bathroom during your entire "detox" period... or at least until there's nothing left to eliminate.

Many women feel the fast weight loss results are more than worth a weekend of feeling sick. And if you have a super important event to go to soon, then yes, maybe it could be worth it. But realize the weight you lose won't usually stay gone.

Most of what you're doing with these crash diets is losing water weight, and cleaning out your bowels. Depending on how bad your normal eating habits are, you could actually have 10 or more pounds worth of weight just in your bowels alone.

Getting rid of this waste weight is a great first step, but it doesn't solve the actual problem. You have fat built up in various places of your body... and crash diets do not melt that fat away. If you choose to use one of these methods for losing weight really quickly, make it your first step in a longer term, more sensible weight loss plan.

If however, you lose weight with one of these fast weight loss diets and decide to congradulate yourself with a tub of ice cream, brownies and a cheesecake... be prepare to have all that weight greet you anew on the scale the next morning.

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